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Company/Agency Description
Working in locations around the globe, Schlumberger engineers, geologists, physicists, chemists, and computer scientists work to create solutions that more precisely identify the location, size, composition, ease of extraction, and other key factors related to potential oil and gas fields. Our customers use these solutions with the continued support from the Schlumberger technical community to decide if and where to drill, and what tools and extraction methods to adopt. Among our newest and most successful technologies is our land and marine seismic survey--ultra-sensitive equipment that can canvass large areas of open seas and land to produce highly detailed 3-D imaging of oil and gas deposits.

Once reservoirs are evaluated, our clients rely on Schlumberger technologies and solutions to help them access their reserves. We provide innovative solutions to reduce the time and cost to access the reserves, improve our understanding of the reservoir, and reduce the cost of oil extracted. When developing their reservoirs, oil companies need to drill many wells to maximize the extraction of hydrocarbons. Along with advanced designs in drilling bits, Schlumberger delivers real-time drilling and formation evaluation solutions to optimize the placement of directional wells to fully access oil and gas reservoirs safely and efficiently. Once those wells are drilled, we help secure them by providing well-construction services.

Throughout this process, we provide all the stimulation services and intervention techniques to improve productivity. In short, reservoir development is about building and maintaining wells using state-of-the-art technology and techniques developed by our scientists in our numerous Technology Centers and Research Centers around the world. Our clients often need expertise in managing the whole process from exploration to development to production. We provide project management, well engineering and wellsite supervision for well construction, production and field development projects. Our Integrated Project Management group (IPM) covers a wide spectrum of client needs. We are involved in all aspects of project management from conceptual design work and supervision of services through the delivered solution.

Career Description
Processing Geophysicist position makes a unique contribution to the energy industry by reducing environmental impact of the production of hydrocarbons. Seismic assists in drilling fewer, smarter wells and in planning the reservoir for total recovery by allowing us to image the subsurface before a single well is drilled. The Seismic data processing Geophysicist will interact extensively with external clients and internal experts to perform geophysical testing and production processing on massive data sets utilizing cutting-edge software and extraordinary computing power. The position requires a great deal of organizational, planning, and analytical skill. The successful candidate will become part of a dynamic team of individuals whose goal is to provide the highest quality reservoir image on time.

Recruiting Process
Depending on whether you're interviewing for a position in Oilfield Engineering and Operations or you're looking at other positions within the company, your interview experiences will differ.

First Interview:
All candidates generally have their first contact with Schlumberger during the first interview. This initial contact can either be on campus, over the phone, using a videoconference, or by physically visiting a Schlumberger location. If your skills are a suitable fit, we will invite you to a second interview.

Second Interview:
The second interview is usually conducted by a group of peers and managers meeting with one candidate at a time in order to get to know him or her. This is also a good opportunity for candidates to answer specific questions, such as those regarding technical issues.

Candidates are invited to visit a Schlumberger campus or main operational base where they meet other candidates, as well as Schlumberger engineers and/or technicians. Candidates will meet in groups of about 10 to 20 people for a presentation, and may participate in group activities that introduce them to oilfield work and life.

Summer Internships
Every summer, we place approximately 500 interns throughout the company. As an intern, you'll take on significant company projects under the guidance of a mentor, strengthen your professional skills, and gain a perspective on the wealth of careers and professional opportunities available at Schlumberger.

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Human Resources
We provide each employee with a package of benefits in line with the laws and practices in the country in which he or she resides and which is competitive with our industry.

These benefits include all the core benefits that are important for the health and well-being of the employee, including cash compensation, future participation in incentive or bonus programs, vacations and, depending on the country of residence, participation in deferred benefits such as pension or savings plans.

In all the countries where it is legally feasible, Schlumberger has a program, the Stock Purchase Plan, which allows employees to acquire Schlumberger stock at favorable price conditions.

Schlumberger encourages and rewards employee mobility, which is an investment for both the employee and the company and can significantly broaden the scope of a career. Mobility in Schlumberger is supported by several programs that include a wide range of additional benefits.

Your performance and your potential will determine your level of compensation and your eventual participation in stock option programs.