Amerada Hess Corporation

Contact Information
Human Resources
P.O. Box 2040
Houston, TX 77252
Phone: 713-609-4748
Recruiting Contact: Mr. Tim O'Brien

Location of Offices/Employment
U.S. Exploration and Production (E&P) Headquarters, 500 Dallas St, Houston, TX 77002
Other major U.S. E&P locations:
- P.O. Box 840, Seminole, TX 79360-0840
- P.O. Box 1486, Williston, ND 58802-1486

Worldwide E&P Headquarters, 33 Grosvenor Place, London SW1X 7HY, England
Other major Worldwide E&P locations:
- Scott House Hareness Road, Altens Aberdeen, Scotland AB1 4LE
- Amerada A/S, Ostergade 26 B, DK - 1100 Copenhagen K, Denmark
- P.O. Box 20316, Libreville, Gabon
- Amerada Hess Norge A/S, Langkaien 1, 0150 Oslo 1, Norway
- Praia de Botafogo, 300-10th Floor, Botafogo-Rio de Janeiro, 22.250.040-RJ, Brazil

Corporate Headquarters, 1185 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036

Number of Geoscientists Employed
B.S. employed: 41
M.S. employed: 44
Ph.D. employed: 32

67 Geologists
49 Geophysicists
1 Petrophysicist

Company/Agency Description
Our record of successful oil and gas discovery spans almost three-quarters of a century. It touches many of the major hydrocarbon-bearing regions of the globe. Recent achievements in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico match past finds in both the onshore and offshore areas of the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Technology and innovation are key components in the Corporation's exploration efforts.

- Significant subsalt exploration acreage in the Gulf of Mexico is yielding exploration successes
- Exposure to numerous deep-water exploration prospects in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea require the most up-to-date exploration techniques
- Leader in advanced seismic imaging
- Rapid application of breakthroughs in imaging technology to specific exploration problems

In the process of discovering new oil and gas, our people have developed significant technological ideas and methods. Our staff has pioneered or advanced many exploration and production concepts considered commonplace today: torsion balances as exploratory aids, the first geophysical survey of a U.S. oil pool, bore-hole pressure bomb and gas-oil ratio, to name a few. We also have been a leader in the use of computer-aided sophisticated 3D geophysical modeling as an effective tool in the search for increasingly hard-to-find reservoirs of oil and gas.

A Posture of Scientific Creativity

It has been said that oil is found in the minds of talented men and women. But turning potential into reality calls for a purposeful strategy, significant amounts of scientific creativity, and meaningful investments of financial and human resources.

A substantial part of our capital is directed to our worldwide exploration program. But the job is time-consuming; years, perhaps even decades, may be needed. Meanwhile, the task of finding oil and gas in economic quantities becomes more difficult and costly. We maintain an aggressive scientific posture; we work with new technology and state-of-the-art evaluation methods to find ways to increase our oil and gas reserves.

As we make further discoveries challenging frontier areas, considerable research and development are needed to achieve commercial production when confronting such natural obstacles as rough waters, high winds, and greater water depths.

Career Description
When it comes to promotion, who and how old you are won’t count. How good you are will. Promotion based on merit alone is a policy that has always made good sense in our company.

We reward performance and make progress because of it. We recognize exceptional people because it is the only sure way we know to extend our record of success. If you’ve got it, we can probably help you put it to work and make it grow. Our people are encouraged to contribute to the limit of their talents. For instance, it is not unusual for exploration prospects calling for substantial capital investment to be presented to management by the people responsible for developing and analyzing the data, even when some of them are young associate geologists.

Relatively small work units contribute to an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork. The sense of participation here touches everyone. Newcomers often comment about the degree of management involvement in projects. The close working relationships that result punctuate an environment that is both efficient and challenging.

Though lines of authority and responsibility are clearly drawn, we do not operate on the premise that managers know it all and employees do it all. Because we believe that everyone in a professional position should have the talent to make an impact on the bottom line, we encourage participation by all concerned in the decision-making process.

The concept of a work environment that shuns excessively rigid formalities and promotes full participation in achieving company’s objectives is an interesting idea on paper.

But this practical question remains: Does it work?

Yes. In fact, we're convinced of it.

Doing our best to help people avoid a lost-in-a-crowd feeling is more than a means of making our size work for rather than against us. Treating people as individuals is our way of creating an environment for success and satisfaction.

There is no shortage of important work that needs to be done. We want to sustain our aggressive exploration posture. We want to apply new technology to improve production yields. We want to enhance refinery processes where feasible. We want to improve the efficiency of our transportation and distribution systems. We want our energy marketing and retail gasoline/convenience store business to be second to none in value and service provided to our customers. These and more hold possibilities for future progress.

We’re confident about our prospects. We know that as long as the quality of our people remains high, our future is in good hands.

Recruiting Process
Amerada Hess takes a global approach to recruiting. As a result, we look for the best, most qualified candidates from across the country and around the world. We review our college recruiting strategy on an annual basis and interview on campus at a small number of schools. For Geoscience candidates, we require at least a bachelor's degree & prefer a master's degree.

We invite any and all who are qualified, talented, and interested to apply, regardless of where they attended school.

Summer Internships
Amerada Hess has a limited number of openings each summer for challenging and exciting internship projects that have an impact on our business. Areas where an intern might work include the Permian basin, Gulf Coast and Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Contact Houston Human Resources for more information.

Human Resources
Amerada Hess has an excellent benefits program that rewards strong performance and maintains a healthy work-life balance. Benefits for US E&P include:
- Medical/dental
- 401(k)
- Pension
- Annual Individual and Group Incentive Bonus
- Subsidized Parking, Buses, Athletic Club, Dining Room
- Education Assistance
- Casual Dress
- Life, Family Accident, Short-Term/Long-Term Disability Insurance
- Employee Assistance Plan
- Work/Life Referral Service

Employees are evaluated annually. Technical excellence has long been a hallmark of Amerada Hess. Therefore, we provide ongoing training to ensure our employees use the latest technology. We also have a Technical Ladder and a Managerial Ladder. Work opportunities for Geoscientists are available worldwide in about a dozen countries.